Raising myself, my girls and women's voices, for change.


I am a single homeschooling mom with three daughters living in California. I rebel by being bold, honest and unconventional. I hope to challenge and inspire you to be more daring in your life by delivering surprising, unique, evocative content.

I'm also a vocal coach for women. Singing began as my refuge in childhood, became a professional career, transitioned into teaching, and is now my secret weapon for social change. I am on a mission to teach women how to find their authentic voice, fall in love with it, and use it.

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Some things I've done: 

Performed on Broadway, started a women’s underwear line, produced an awards show in Los Angeles, handed out towels at a gym, served food to celebrities, hosted women's retreats, led baby blessings, performed for our troops overseas, acted in a TV show, worked as a birth doula, and taught Math. 

Things I'm wokring on:

Traveling the world, writing a book, suporting females in being heard and finding joy everyday.